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Stanford Asian American Studies Endowment Initiative

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To build the world’s leading program in Asian American Studies through interdisciplinary research, teaching, and scholarship on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), with the goal of developing culturally-agile global leaders and thriving multicultural communities for the 21st century.

Why an Asian American Research Center (AARC - official name TBD)? 

  • To advance scholarship devoted to understanding the historical, cultural, social, political, medical, legal and policy dimensions of Asian Americans and

  • To do so in an interdisciplinary way - in collaboration with the Medical School, Law School, Graduate School of Business, the Graduate School of Education and the Cantor Center for Visual Arts.

How will we launch AARC?
By establishing an endowment to more fully develop the existing Asian American Studies program at Stanford.

What's the endowment goal?
Our endowment goal is $30 million. Here's what it will fund.



$30M Endowment Goal

We can continue the work we started over 30 years ago by giving together now.


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Faculty Director

Distinguished Faculty Director

3 Asian American Studies Professors

Full-time Staff

1 Associates Director, 1 Communications


Scholars in Residence, Research Grants, Seminar Series



Blog Posts

Join your classmates!

The following alumni have

committed to the initiative:

Alan Tien '91

Amy Kouch '19, MS'20

Amy Peng '91

Bernadette Chi '91 

Chin-Chin Chen '91, GSB '97

Cindy Wang '97

Don Chin '91

Eric Chen '95, GSB '00

Eric Ly '91

Grace Lee '91

Hyoung Park '91

Irene Lin Iwasaki '91, MD '96

Jack Chin '83, MA '85

Jack Lo '91, MS '92

Jacqueline Yau '91

Jin Park '91

Joe Park '91

Jung Choi '91

Kathy Ko Chin '80

Keith Chun '91

Kesinee Angkustsiri Yip '91

Dr. Latha Palaniappan MS '01

Laura Chi Hood '91

Laura Ching '95, GSB '00

Nelson Hsu '91, MS '93

Omar Baldonado '91

Pauline Lee '91

Patrick Lin '92 MS '94

Tashrima Hossain '19

Teddy Chen '91, JD '94

Tom Lee '91

Victor Hwang '90, GSB '95

Vince Iwasaki '90

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